California Car Scents Automotive Air Freshener x 12 cans



Product Description

Cruise into California bliss. Just open a can of California Car Scents, pop it under the seat or in a cup holder and you’re riding with fresh air for months. A variety of mixed fragrances available per carton. Comes in a counter display of 12 units and is extremely popular within the car detailing industry selling over 2 million units in the past 6 years. Packed and sealed in recyclable aluminium canisters to seal freshness. Now available in a 7 pack and you can also choose individual fragrances.

Additional Information

Choose Your Scent

Randomly mixed 12 pack, Arctic (ICE) 7 pack, Balboa Bubble Gum 12 pack, Capistrano Coconut 12 pack, Concord Cranberry 7 pack, Coronado Cherry 12 pack, Coronado Cherry 7 pack, Desert Jasmine 12 pack, Golden State Delight 12 pack, Golden State Delight 7 pack, LA Jolla Lemon 12 pack, Laguna Breeze 12 pack, Laguna Breeze 7 pack, Malibu Melon 12 pack, Malibu Melon 7 pack, Monterey Vanilla 12 pack, Monterey Vanilla 7 pack, Newport New Car 12 pack, Newport New Car 7 pack, Shasta Strawberry 12 pack, Shasta Strawberry 7 pack, Squash Blossom 7 pack, Strawberries and Cream 12 pack,


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